The cast iron skillet is the powerhouse of all kitchen equipment its non stick surface is free of synthetic chemicals and will eventually require less oil than aluminum or stainless steel pans.

The history of the smithey ironware company is an interesting story the company founder isaac morton had a passion for restoring vintage cast iron cookware which turned into the idea to use modern technology and produce new types of cast iron cooking vessels that would last through time as well.

The two popular vintage cast iron skillets i know that are made in the united states are the wagner ware cast iron skillet and the griswold cast iron skillet the griswold vintage cast iron skillet is an 8 inch skillet with a lid that is pre seasoned ready to use right away and can sit flat on any cooktop surface.

Cast iron is the gold standard of cookware mdash and for good reason just as the name implies it rsquo s made by pouring molten iron into a mold so each pan is a single piece.

If you struggle to hoist the cast iron skillet carrying your roast chicken or cauliflower mac and cheese in and out of the oven carbon steel is much lighter and easier to maneuver our average 10.

Wrong smithey ironware has found a way to make cast iron even more special mdash with personalization for just a few bucks more you can engrave a special message on one of their top rated cast iron skillets which is made with a satin smooth finish for fast and natural seasoning buy it 200 with engraving smithey ironware company.

Smithey ironware cast iron smithey ironware company was established in 2014 by isaac morton but came on the seen in 2015 based in charleston south carolina the company utilizes both modern technology and classic style of vintage pieces to design and manufacture their cast iron cookware.

Smitheys cast iron has the smoothest cooking surface of any cast iron pan or skillet on the market period each piece is heirloom quality that means perfect pancakes perfect eggs perfect steaks so when dad feels the desire to cook give him something worthy of hellip.