I even tried partially cooking the oats with warm almond milk before refrigerating but much preferred this completely raw version we use the following base formula for making perfect overnight oats 1 2 cup dairy free milk 3 4 tbsp chia seeds 1 2 cup rolled oats perfect overnight oats.

Instructions in a jar or bowl a working jar or 1 pint mason jar is perfect combine the muesli or old fashioned oats and cinnamon chia seeds and nut butter add a splash of the milk and mix the nut butter into the oats then add the rest of the milk and stir to combine.

To make overnight oats vegan we use almond milk but coconut milk or cashew milk will work just fine chia seeds these ultra nutritious low calorie seeds boast their own list of health benefits they also act as an oatmeal thickener but hellip.

Mix together oats almond milk or other milk of your choice greek yogurt and mix ins and sweetener of choice let them soak overnight enjoy them the next morning easy overnight oats flavor ideas banana almond flax first up there rsquo s the banana almond flax these are the best overnight oats if i had to pick a favorite this may just be it.

Once you nail down the ratio of the basic overnight oats recipe the sky rsquo s the limit with the flavor combinations and toppings here rsquo s our simple ratio 1 part oats 1 part milk part seeds to start combine old fashioned oats and chia seeds you can use a bowl a mason jar or just some glass cups.

Protein overnight oats ingredients here rsquo s everything you rsquo ll need to make these protein packed overnight oats old fashioned oats ndash make sure you rsquo re using old fashioned oats and not quick instant oats unsweetened vanilla almond milk ndash you can use any type of milk but i prefer almond milk because it rsquo s low in sugar and calories vanilla protein powder ndash my favorite hellip.

To soak chia seeds overnight in water or almond milk before eating here is what i will usually do i have a very large coffee mug but you can also use a bowl or container i fill the coffee mug about 1 4 of the way full with chia seeds the i fill the mug with either water soy or almond milk until it reaches the top.

Almond milk ndash i like using unsweetened vanilla almond milk but any type of milk will work greek yogurt ndash yogurt gives overnight oats an extra creamy texture while adding a bit of protein i personally like using plain greek yogurt since it rsquo s hellip.

Banana nut overnight oats make your mornings a whole lot sweeter when you indulge in life made sweeter rsquo s banana nut overnight oats the nutritious ingredients in this breakfast staple including potassium abundant bananas hearty greek yogurt succulent chia seeds and fragrant spices make this the perfect breakfast get recipe.

Combine oats non dairy milk chia seeds and peanut butter to prevent the chia seeds from clumping stir a couple of times during the hellip.

In a mason jar add all of your ingredients rolled oats almond milk yogurt maple syrup and chia seeds stir until well combined then cover and refrigerate overnight stir until well combined then cover and refrigerate overnight.

You can make this recipe dairy free with almond milk soy milk coconut milk or other nondairy milk on a cold morning warm your overnight oats up in the microwave customize your overnight oats with any combination of toppings like peanut butter blueberries dried fruit banana nuts cinnamon apples protein powder cocoa powder etc.

Combine oats non dairy milk chia seeds and peanut butter to prevent the chia seeds from clumping stir a couple of times during the hellip.

Base overnight oats ingredients while technically you only need rolled oats and milk to make overnight oats i always add chia seeds yogurt and a smidge of maple syrup in my base recipe that rsquo s what makes them ultra creamy and tasty rolled oats make sure to use old fashioned rolled oats for the best texture and remember to look for certified gluten free oats if hellip.

Oats use old fashioned rolled oats for the best consistency quick cook oats go too soggy and steal cut oats do not soften enough chia seeds are optional they make the overnight super creamy and pudding like cinnamon is also optional peanut butter again is optional but adds a creamy texture and also boosts the protein content milk the milk type you hellip.

They are mashed right into the oats and mixed with creamy greek yogurt chia seeds honey almond milk and a little lemon zest to make them taste exactly like a blueberry muffin what you need this blueberry overnight oats recipe with almond milk is super easy to make is refined sugar free and uses real ingredients.

Combine oats non dairy milk chia seeds and peanut butter to prevent the chia seeds from clumping stir a couple of times during the hellip.

How to make pumpkin pie overnight oats these dreamy plant based beauties start with mixing almond milk with pumpkin puree pumpkin pie spice and vanilla for classic pie flavors almond butter adds a protein boost chia seeds add thickness and omega 3s and maple syrup adds the perfect amount of sweetness next come the rolled oats for a fiber rich base hellip.

Ingredients for overnight oats nut butter ndash a base of nut butter is a nice surprise at the bottom of the jar use your favorite type almond butter is always a hit at our house chia seeds ndash totally optional but these soak up liquid and turn into a layer that is both creamy and has a bit of crunch rolled or ldquo old fashioned rdquo oats ndash be sure to get rolled or ldquo old fashioned rdquo oats.

To make it vegan use dairy free milk alternative plant based yogurt and deter away from honey as a sweetener to make it gluten free use certified gluten free oats to make it sugar free avoid using too much sweeteners mash or puree fruit into the base mixture for natural sweetness to maintain freshness store it in a sealed container overnight oats will keep fresh hellip.

Berry banana overnight oats credit greg dupree view recipe this link opens in a new tab for a delicious and healthy pudding combine chia seeds with almond milk a cooled chai tea mixture and plain whole milk yogurt and refrigerate for several hours before serving top with toasted coconut flakes and mixed berries.

How long do overnight oats keep these simple overnight oats with yogurt keep in the refrigerator for up to 1 week just be sure that the ingredients you use do not expire before you eat them for example if you make this recipe with milk that expires in 4 days make sure to eat the overnight oats within those four days.

Mix the overnight oats with your liquid selection and keep in an overnight oats container for an easy grab and go meal at any time of day storage since you are not using yogurt in this recipe the soaked oats can be left out on the counter overnight the oats will ferment and become even more digestible.

The consistency may look thin but the oats will soak up the liquid overnight if your oats are too thick after soaking stir in a tad more base liquid or plain water to loosen it up unsweetened milk dairy almond soy rice coconut plain yogurt or flavor of your choice.

Non dairy milk ndash personally when i can i like to keep overnight oats vegan so coconut milk or almond milk are the preferred liquids i use in overnight oats but dairy milk will work just fine too regardless the basic ratio is 1 1 for oats and liquid pure maple syrup ndash 1 2 teaspoons is all that rsquo s needed for some sweetness honey.

Frozen and thawed almond milk works well in baked or cooked recipes in such dishes the texture change isn rsquo t that noticeable and doesn rsquo t affect the quality of the end product that much on the other hand freezing almond milk for drinking purposes isn rsquo t a good idea the texture change is apparent and the milk is chunky instead of smooth.

Great article i have been doing overnight oats in line with the ldquo fad rdquo trending today for some time now with that said i usually soak my oats in vanilla or chocolate almond milk depending on recipe thus negating any additional sweetener since this is made with water and whey is there an opportunity to add the almond milk back in.

Make this chocolate covered strawberry overnight oats recipe and eat dessert for breakfast well not really but it sure does taste like it these overnight oats are packed with fiber 100 whole grain and a healthy breakfast option all week long.

Rolled oats milk and a few other tasty ingredients are combined in a container and left to chill overnight in the refrigerator the oats become soft and creamy by morning just like slow cooked oatmeal chia seeds popular for their omega 3s and other health benefits add a light nutty flavor pair that with a little maple syrup cinnamon.

In a high speed blender blend the date milk and spinach until very smooth in a medium bowl add the liquid to the chia seeds stir well and continue stirring every few minutes for about 15 minutes cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least one hour or overnight just before serving stir again then top with fruit.