I used to dump all the kale into a very thick layer on the baking sheet and hope for the best but doing this tends to lead to soggy unevenly baked kale chips i rsquo ve learned to be a bit more patient and spread them out into a thinner layer on each baking hellip.

You can turn hearty leaves of kale into crispy crunchy chips for a delicious snack at home with minimal effort the key to successful kale chips is twofold first bake them in a single layer so they can crisp up properly and second take them out of hellip.

Love these keto cucumber chips make some more veggie chips at home with the success of these yummy salt and vinegar baked cucumber chips i rsquo m ready to venture out into making other veggie chips kale chips have been on my list of things to try for a while but so far i have also made zucchini chips.

Store the chips in an airtight container if completely dried the dehydrated beetroot can last months meanwhile baked beet chips will last 2 3 weeks how to use beetroot powder while the chips can be flavored and eaten as a snack they can also be hellip.