Banh xeo vietnamese crepes banh xeo is eaten all over vietnam each region has its own version some the size of a taco others as big as a dinner plate the fillings depend on whats available locally when i visited nha trang a coastal town renowned for its seafood the banh xeo was filled with a marinara mix.

By v thu ha when it comes to mekong delta cuisine it would be remiss not to mention the variety of banh cake on offer the likes of banh xeo crispy vietnamese crepes banh la mit rice dough wrapped in jackfruit leaf banh beo steamed rice cake or banh b t bang tapioca and coconut milk cake have become famous for their tasty flavour and unique look.

Start off your meal with lightly fried banh xeo savory crepes stuffed with broccoli or the tigers milk ceviche with yellowfin tuna scallops hellip.