This keto beef stroganoff recipe is a low carb version of the classic russian stew with the added fat making it extra creamy and tasty with just 2g carbs per serve keto beef stroganoff recipe originating in russia beef stroganoff or stroganov is a dish of sauteed beef served with smetana a european soured cream.

Classic beef stroganoff with tender strips of beef and mushrooms in an indulgent creamy stroganoff sauce served over noodles don rsquo t be intimidated by the name because this is an easy one pan 30 minute recipe.

The most amazing beef stroganoff you will ever have golden seared juicy beef strips smothered in an incredible sour cream mushroom gravy this beef stroganoff recipe is an easy 30 minute recipe never suffer through dry chewy beef or bland stroganoff sauce again ndash this recipe delivers.

Authentic beef stroganoff was dreamt up in russia in the early 1800s by the personal chef of count stroganoff a dignitary in the court of alexander iii at the time the chef then named his creation after the count and the rest is history how to make ground beef stroganoff brown your ground beef in a dutch oven or deep skillet with olive oil.

Beef for stroganoff the best kind of beef for stroganoff is either sirloin steak or ribeye or any tender marbled steak cut strips about 1 2 prime thick so the beef can brown without overcooking brown the beef at a medium high temperature but don rsquo t cook it all the way through it rsquo s steak it can be pink inside.

Heat 2 tbsp oil and 1 tbsp butter in a large skillet over medium high until butter is melted cook mushrooms tossing occasionally until browned and tender about 5 minutes.

Prep these beef stroganoff ingredients cover the pot and go simmering and braising beef stroganoff for a long time at a low temperature yields extra intense flavor with little effort the method is super convenient whether you use a slow cooker or the oven for your beef stroganoff you wont have to tend to the pot.

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Leftover prime rib beef stroganoff recipe prime stroganoff if youre like me you may still have family over lingering after the holidays quick leftover meals like this stroganoff are such a wonderful way to enjoy great family time without spending a ton of time in the kitchen especially after the two to three days of meal prep and cooking for a holiday meal.

We rsquo re kicking it old school with slow cooker beef stroganoff from scratch this recipe is notable both for what it does offer mdash all the creamy cozy flavor of the classic recipe lightened up with a few healthy ingredient swaps and made easier in the crock pot mdash as well as for what it doesn rsquo t this crock pot beef stroganoff is made without canned soup please and thank hellip.

Beef stroganoff was actually created for a 17th century russian elite named count pavel aleksandrovich stroganoff born in france the diplomat developed a taste for both russian and french cuisine so chefs served him a hybrid recipe of french mustard beef and a dollop of russian sour cream.

Beef stroganoff is a russian dish the first ever published recipe is was in 1871 by elena mol okhovets in her cook book titled ldquo a gift to young housewives rdquo this cookbook was popular in both the 19 th and 20 th century russia the original recipe is very simple and is reported to have been made with cubes of beef lightly dusted in flour sauteed and served with hellip.

Beef stroganoff pasta ndash from jo cooks a classic russian dish consisting of sauteed beef and mushrooms in a rich sauce with sour cream all of this deliciousness is usually served over egg noodles to soak up all that sauce vegan chili mac cheese ndash this instant pot vegan chili mac and cheese is the best one pot comfort dish ever it.