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Corporate Training

Corporate Training at CRM Driver Training

CRM Driver Training is able to provide high quality driver instruction to your staff. CRM corporate training is perfect for businesses with fleet vehicles. If you need to confirm a new employees driving ability or just want a general refresher for your staff CRM can help. We can even help with businesses looking to train employees for truck or bus driving.

Low Risk Driving

It is important your staff practice low risk driving techniques when driving company cars, both to protect your assets, workers and to protect your brand. Chris can teach safe driving techniques that ensure your staff members are safe on the road.

Truck and Bus Training

Chris doesn't just do cars he can train people in trucks and buses as well, safety is key when driving large vehicles and Chris can ensure your employees have the tips and tricks they need to be safe on the road. Make sure your staff have the skills they need, call Chris today on 0459 15 15 00.