Advanced Driver Training

Advanced Driver Training

CRM Driver Training is able to provide high quality driving instruction. We can also assist businesses.

CRM Advanced Driver Training offers training in your vehicle in the advanced skills you need: 4WD, long distance and defensive driving.

CRM Corporate Training is perfect for businesses with fleet vehicles. If you need to confirm an employee's driving ability or require a general refresher for your staff, CRM can help. We can even help with businesses looking to train employees for truck or bus driving. 

Low-Risk Driving: It is important your staff practice low risk driving techniques when using company cars, protecting your workers, assets, and your brand. Chris can support businesses and advise on safe driving techniques.

Truck and Bus Training: Chris doesn't just do cars he can train people in trucks and buses as well. Generally, people seeking this service have access to a heavy vehicle or bus. Safety is key when driving large vehicles, Chris will ensure your employees have the tips and tricks they need to be safe on the road.

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We are from a small local town and wanted our son to have a lesson with an instructor in Tamworth so he was better in traffic.

Chris was great, very positive and helpful. He taught him better techniques and correct procedures. He passed first go with a great score, thanks Chris.


Chris is an amazing instructor!

He helped me become a more confident driver and I passed first go! Couldn't of done it without him.


Have to give a huge thanks to Chris at CRM driver training....

I had one lesson with CRM and I was given the best knowledge, and driving skills to pass my test first attempt. Highly recommend CRM before any driving test.