Frequently Asked Questions


How many lessons will I need?

Everyone is different and people have driving lessons for a variety of reasons.

Initial lesson

The perfect introduction. Chris will be quick to get to know you, determining your strengths as a driver and assessing your needs. He will be in a position to advise you further once you have been for a lesson.

Ongoing lessons

A great follow-on. Chris’s clients often book a series of lessons, especially if they are finding it hard to get their driving hours up.  Depending on the client, their level of confidence and the reasons why they are needing driving instruction.

Do you offer lesson packages?

The amount of instruction a client will require depends on many factors including experience, available time to practise driving, and levels of confidence. Chris is best placed to offer advice after an initial lesson.

For this reason, we don’t offer package deals, our preference is an honest assessment of your individual driving needs and the choice is up to you.

How long does a lesson go for?

We can tailor the timing of lessons (e.g. a double lesson) which is often good for clients who live out of town or those wishing to do some open road driving and offers 6 hours off the logbook. A standard lesson will be a full hour of driving.

Driver training lessons

Who are driver training lessons for?

We offer lessons for learner drivers looking to get their licence or increase confidence on the road. Chris is trained to maximise your ability and create safe driving habits.

Advanced driver training

Who is Advanced Driver Training for?

CRM Advanced Driver Training offers training in your vehicle in the advanced skills you need: 4WD, long distance and defensive driving.

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We are from a small local town and wanted our son to have a lesson with an instructor in Tamworth so he was better in traffic.

Chris was great, very positive and helpful. He taught him better techniques and correct procedures. He passed first go with a great score, thanks Chris.


Chris is an amazing instructor!

He helped me become a more confident driver and I passed first go! Couldn't of done it without him.


Have to give a huge thanks to Chris at CRM driver training....

I had one lesson with CRM and I was given the best knowledge, and driving skills to pass my test first attempt. Highly recommend CRM before any driving test.